Featured Book by T.M. Carter

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The Templar Tales

Lion of the Cross: Tales of A Templar Knight  is the first in a three book series. It is a tale steeped in actual events from the point of view of  William de Scotia, a boy born between two faiths--Christianity and Islam.  William's  gentle blood flows with the ancestry of Scottish Kings and the malevolent taint of the murderous Lion of Islam, Sultan Baibars I. Born to an innocent mother, who was stripped of her nobility and dignity, then sold into bondage by a diabolical Genoese slaver, William is the lesser son of the Mameluk Sultanate and fated to be his eldest brother’s elite guard. When his barbarous father is suspiciously poisoned, his eldest brother ascends the throne and William prepares to embrace his destiny. William is forced to flee his beloved Cairo when an ambitious emir, Qalawun, and his cunning son, Khalil, overthrow his brother. With the aid of a mysterious Templar Knight, he escapes to the Christian stronghold of Acre.  A fugitive orphaned by fate, William must enter life’s crucible and become more than just a boy. But when one is young, the future is but a mirage in the desert—cruel and deceptive. 


 T.M. Carter is an author and an avid historian, a member of the Historical Novel Society and a member of the California Writers Club of Long Beach. He lives in Southern California with his wife and two children.