The Templar Tales

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‚Äč    Through the eyes of a boy, The Lion of the Cross: Tales of a Templar Knight transports you through actual events of the 13th century, an age in peril, where a  delicate peace between Christians and Muslims exists and hangs on a precipice, and holy war is sermonized from minarets and pulpits. 

   This book is the first of a three book series. It is a story from antiquity that has relevance in today's world.

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Review from Historical Novel Society:

     "This is one of the best historical fiction novels I have read about the Templar Knights. The detail, description of Templar life, weaponry, and descriptive battle scenes reflect extensive historical research..." -Susan Adler

Review from Readers' Favorite:

     "Lion of the Cross - Tales of a Templar Knight by T.M. Carter is a deeply engrossing tale and a thrilling read. It is an amazing historical tale that will take you across borders and beyond..." -Faridah Nassozi                                                     

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